In early Spring, before the Valley heats up and kick starts the vines back to life; pruning must be completed. The purpose of pruning is to obtain maximum yields of high quality grapes and to allow adequate vegetative growth for the upcoming season. Each vine is pruned by the Bench 1775 vineyard team to ensure that we are producing the highest quality grapes for our award-winning wines.

After pruning the vines, the vines shape takes form through bending the canes and tying them down. Tying down needs to be completed before the heat of the spring arrives and bud break begins.

Currently, the low temperature in the Okanagan Valley makes us nervous as frosts can occur. Frost at this time of year, will have a negative affect to this seasons crop and can influence the productivity of future vintages. Sometimes the vineyards annual production can be reduced by 50% or more. Yikes!

Nutrient adjustments can also be made at this time of year, by spreading organic matter (manure, compost,) into the soil to ensure the vines have all the important minerals to grow quality grapes and to keep the vines strong and healthy.

We are looking forward to the first bud break of the 2022 season!