2021 Icewine Harvest

After a lot of hard work, our 2021 vintage icewine harvest is over! All the humans may be shivering, but we get excited by cold temperatures as it means harvest time. The much awaited cold nights arrived, and we’ve been harvesting our icewine grapes in three rounds between December 17th and December 28th. With 30 pickers on call, no matter what time of day, we waited for the cold snap to come, and when it did, they jumped to work! We were able harvest 36 tons of grapes from Tony’s Vineyard in Summerland, Stone Slope Vineyard in Similkameen Valley and Bench 1775 Estate Vineyard.

Global warming is making it increasingly challenging to produce icewine, as it’s becoming difficult to find places that get low enough temperatures to support a harvest. But we feel it’s worth the extra effort and are committed to producing this precious liquid gold!

We’re so grateful for our team and believe you can taste all of our hard work in every sip of our icewine!