Our 2017 Viognier Won Battle of The Okanagan

“The first comment was ‘this wine reminds me of Christmas!’ Medium lemon, Christmas tree (pine needles or douglas fir), melon, cantaloupe, honeydew, lime, pineapple, tangerine, medium to medium + intensity. All of the above made smelling the wine very enjoyable. The flavours were really nice too, off-dry, high acidity, bold body, ripe tropical and orchard fruits, honey, starfruit, baking spice, mango, papaya, big flavours, that were ripe and juicy. The finish was loooong. This is a perfect picnic wine, it’s complex and adventurous enough, it’s a conversation starter, and very satisfying.”

We have also received a great comment about the winery:”Bench 1775 is on the Naramata Bench with a killer view of Okanagan Lake (we’ll be shooting there in September). Their fruit is grown from three different vineyards in the Okanagan – Osoyoos and Central Okanagan. Before the contest I’ve never tasted their wine, but someone suggested I contact them because they have a really good Viognier. I’m glad I did.

I met the wine maker Val and we had a really good conversation. She was the only person who told me that even if they don’t win, she’d like to know why, what is it we didn’t like about their wine. I think that’s a really cool thing, because you only get better by listening to your audience. I’d say they’ve done a wonderful job with their Viognier and there’s not much I’d change. It was the only wine to receive a 5/5 from one of the judges when it comes to the taste.”

The 2017 vintage was so popular and has been sold out, but the new vintage Viognier will be released soon. Stay tuned!