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Bringing The Tasting Room Home - 12-Bottle Bundle
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$287.40/ Bundle

Bringing The Tasting Room Home - 12-Bottle Bundle

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$287.40/ Bundle

Nothing can replace an in-person wine tasting, but for those of you who can’t visit our winery in person this summer, you can enjoy a tasting experience from the comfort of your own kitchen, dining table, or even your desk (work is hard). We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite and the most popular wines from our tasting menu in this bundle. Discover new favorites, enjoy some classics, and plan your next trip to visit us once you are ready. We’re excited to provide you with an inspirational wine experience by bringing the tasting room to your door.

This bundle includes:
2 x 2019 White Merlot
2 x 2019  Sauvignon Blanc
2 x 2019 Groove
2 x 2019 Chill
2 x 2019 Pinot Noir
2 x 2018 Malbec
*Includes complimentary shipping in BC & AB 

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